ValiData is the only analytical technology built to assess survey validity in real time. ValiData uses machine learning to identify problematic data points and inconsistencies during survey administration. This allows survey administrators to identify issues in real time – while enumerators are still in the field – to take immediate action, minimize data errors and reduce costs. This process results in high-quality data sets that are unrivaled by other survey tools.


ata is essential for effective development and humanitarian service delivery. Unfortunately, a great deal of collected data ends up unused because of missing values, wrong responses, and even fake answers.

Many organizations have tried to solve this on the front end – by using (or building) a better data collection tool. So much so, that data collection tools have become a commodity and are essentially interchangeable. More commonly, researchers and managers simply rely on their ability to “clean” data once it comes in from the field. But cleaning data is not only time-consuming, it doesn’t guarantee that the dataset you’re left with will get you the results you need. The critical “missing middle” in this equation is the ability to ensure the data you’re collecting is correct and high quality.

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ValiData is a proprietary, patent-pending platform that tracks data created by your enumerators, allowing you to monitor results in real time (and intervene for corrective action) to ensure you’ll have the highest quality data set possible. Specifically, this includes:

Output by enumerator: track progress, data outliers, corrections made and overall status by an enumerator.

Enumerator performance: quickly understand the performance of each enumerator by the number of surveys confirmed, unconfirmed and rejected.

Answer frequencies: immediately see frequencies at the variable level, disaggregated by an enumerator.

Skipped sections: machine learning detects if enumerators are skipping sections of your survey instrument.

Faked data: machine learning detects if enumerators are reporting faked or inaccurate data.

Mapping: real-time mapping of completed enumeration.

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validata case study

ValiData is currently being used in 45+ program locations. As an illustration of how the ValiData tool works, ISG recently utilized ValiData to administer a survey as part of the baseline study for the Promoting Opportunities for Women Empowerment and Rights (POWER) Project in Bangladesh, Ghana, and Rwanda (administered by ActionAid).

The purpose of the baseline study was to collect, analyze, and report information related to unpaid care work and the introduction of climate resilient sustainable agriculture techniques into the work practices of rural women. As part of the data collection, ISG conducted the survey electronically using ValiData installed on handheld tablets. ValiData allowed for the administration of a digitized version of the Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI) – providing for time and cost savings. Most importantly, however, errors in data collection were immediately reported and, accordingly, led to the creation of a highly reliable data set. Click here or on the image to download the full case study.


validata tech specs

Super simple. ValiData is built on top of Open Data Kit (ODK), so it works with essentially every platform around.

  1. We digitize your survey form (or use an existing form).
  2. We install a set of customized data validation protocols.
  3. We train survey managers on things like editing functions, automated data quality reports, survey statistics, data mapping, and export.
  4. When Data collection begins, ValiData listens to data points in real time. Your researchers oversee the process and make adjustments, as necessary.
  5. At the conclusion of data collection, a clean data set that retains original column headings and underlying database structure is exported and deliver to you for analysis.
  6. You’ve achieved data zen.


ValiData is worth every penny. Survey costs are expensive, from one-off exercises starting at $10,000 USD to an average impact evaluation cost of $500,000 USD. With this level of expense, shouldn’t every organization also invest in ensuring the data is useful?

A la carte pricing allows you to only purchase the services you need. We can help from the inception of your survey exercise, but if you’re already a master ODK form creator, skip the setup and purchase ValiData directly.  

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