Women’s World Banking

ISG is working with Women’s World Banking on the Technological Solution for Program Monitoring and Evaluation project. Women’s World Banking (WWB) is an international network of MFIs in several countries working to bring financial services and information to low-income entrepreneurs. Its mission is to expand the economic assets, participation, and power of poor women as entrepreneurs and economic agents by opening their access to finance, knowledge and markets. It seeks to alleviate global poverty by expanding the economic assets, participation, and power of the poor, especially women.

Through this assignment, WWB is seeking to develop a technology-based solution for monitoring and evaluating the success of the new Leadership and Diversity for Innovation Program (the Program), including recommendations on an optimal technology platform and build-out of the platform. In doing so, ISG will review the 8 interventions and Theory of Change related to the program, and WWB’s organizational capacity to implement a monitoring plan. ISG will conduct a readiness assessment focused on understanding how the data platform and data will be used, who the users of the data platform are, and how current data is being collected and used, as well as an overview of Women World Banking’s approach to M&E at a global level. After the readiness assessment, and consultations and workshops with WWB, ISG will work with the organization to select an IT solution for the M&E program, and work with the organization in rolling out the platform.

  • Client: Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Date: September, 2016
  • Services: Enabling Technology, Monitoring & Evaluation