Welcoming America

ISG was recently selected by Welcoming America (WA) to develop their Monitoring & Evaluation system.

WA works with multiple partners in building more welcoming communities for immigrants and all residents through a vibrant network of local governments and non-profit members. WA’s affiliates and partners use local leadership development, strategic communications, and public engagement to change the dynamic for the better in communities across the US.

With the recent formation of a three-year strategy, the need for a monitoring system became apparent. Therefore, this assignment worked to create a clearly articulated vision for what WA seeks to achieve over the long term, which will be used as the definitive guide for decision-making regarding project, organizational structure, and strategy. In addition, ISG provided WA with the selection of outcomes for each activity undertaken to ensure that they can be readily monitored and help WA move towards fulfilling its vision; develop a monitoring plan for tracking WA’s progress across its activities; and develop an evaluation/analysis plan that can regularly identify gaps and provide recommendations for adjustments as well as provide frequent reporting and communication opportunities.