United States Institute Of Peace (USIP)

The United States Institute of Peace led a three-phase approach to building coalitions, creating space for dialogue, crafting a shared vision, and providing tangible skills for female leaders in Iraq. The three-phase approach brought together women from national leadership, provisional councils, and civil society members.

This three-phase approach is the USIP Toolkit for Collaborative Problem Solving which provides meaningful solutions for conflict resolution and development, and leaves participants with the experience and tools to continue addressing their own needs. The Toolkit consists of three phases:

  • Phase 1: The Strategic Economic Needs and Security Exercise (SENSE), is a an interactive workshop that helps participants understand why collaborative problem solving is essential, and provides a positive common experience to jump start success.
  • Phase 2: Through a visioning process and workshop participants clarify which issues and challenges are most important and decide together what to focus on first.
  • Phase 3: Through an ongoing process, participants learn how to strategically address a problem and utilize third party facilitation to maximize productivity and efficiency. The Cooperative Advocacy process builds coalitions around a common cause. Coalitions then learn to engage with powerful decision-makers using collaboration and dialogue to create sustainable policy solutions, mutually beneficial social change, and long-term partnerships across sectors.

ISG was selected to provide a comprehensive program review with recommendations on results and best practices.

  • Client: United States Institute Of Peace
  • Date: November, 2010
  • Services: Monitoring & Evaluation, Capacity Building
  • URL: http://www.usip.org