United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

UNDP selected ISG to design, develop, and implement a database solution for the Iraqi National Tuberculosis Program (NTP). In 2008, the Iraqi National Tuberculosis Program started the implementation of a 5-year program to fight Tuberculosis (TB) under a grant from Round 6 of the Global Fund to Fights AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM). This Project came as a continuation of NTP’s efforts of previous years to control the spread of the disease in Iraq. UNDP-Iraq was the principal recipient of the GFATM fund in this programme, and WHO functioned as the sub-recipient.

In order to track and monitor progress towards the program’s objectives, NTP gathered and managed data on the national, governorate and district levels. Data included epidemiological, financial, procurement and M&E data.

ISG was selected to design, develop, and implement an information management system to provide NTP the ability to collect, monitor and analyze TB program-related data. ISG delivered a solution that provided NTP with the ability to access:

  1. All TB-related patient history information;
  2. Human resources information, including staff improvement;
  3. Inventory-related information for both consumables and non-consumables; and
  4. Supervisory review information.

ISG’s system also provided NTP with the ability to run a multitude of reports that provide instant analysis related to TB incidence and program management. Overall, the system provided a sound solution for better data management and control system ensuring quality, accuracy, and comparability of data.

  • Client: United Nations Development Programme
  • Date: November, 2011
  • Services: Enabling Technology, Monitoring & Evaluation
  • URL: http://www.undp.org