Save The Children

The Ta’leem Youth Programme in Jordan has targeted and positively impacted thousands of vulnerable young Iraqis and Jordanians (14–24 years old), parents, and community members. Throughout this Programme phase, the Ta’leem Youth has established a set of structured activities focusing on providing transitional or “mobile-assets” – skills that include English language, information technology (IT), and basic life skills – and supplementing them with opportunities to interact and get engaged in the community in order to achieve the best out of the activities in relation to the overall goals of Ta’leem Youth.

From 2007-2009, ISG conducted two evaluations for Save the Children’s Ta’leem youth program for vulnerable Iraqi and Jordanian youth. In its first evaluation ISG evaluated several components of the Ta’leem program over a period of 10 months and in its second evaluation, ISG performed a comprehensive evaluation of the project.