ISG was selected to perform a real-time evaluation of ACDI/VOCA’s second initiative of the Consultative Service Delivery Program (CSDP), which was designed to transfer the perception of the program from a World Bank-financed, ACDI/VOCA-implemented program to one in which the government could legitimately take credit. The CSDP was a multi-faceted initiative focused heavily on capacity building to the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). This initiative focused on understanding the policies and procedures for implementing small-scale infrastructure projects, providing ”on-the-job” training and knowledge transfer for key KRG staff, as well as contributing to community-driven development in the region.

The evaluation consisted of multiple field visits to enable ISG to undertake a detailed review of program progress. During these visits to Erbil, Garmian, Sulaymaniyah, and Dahuk governorates, ISG performed a range of key informant interviews and focus group discussions of program stakeholders as well as visits to a number of in-progress and completed projects under CSDP II.