Kiva is a US-based NGO that serves as a fundraising platform for Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) seeking to raise low-cost debt capital from social lenders across the globe. Kiva-affiliated MFIs upload loans profiles of their recently funded borrowers to Kiva’s website, where social investors fund them at 0% interest. This funding is transferred from Kiva to the MFI field partner, and repayments are paid back to lenders as they are received from the microfinance borrowers featured on the Kiva website.

ISG was selected by Kiva to perform borrower verifications in Karbala, Babil, and Diwaniyah, Iraq. The Borrower Verification (BV) is a process Kiva uses to verify the accuracy of the information included in the borrower profiles posted on the Kiva website. BVs are completed with MFI field partners as part of the process of moving from a “pilot” to “active” partner on Kiva.