Plan Germany

ISG is working with Plan Germany on  Mid-term Evaluation of the Safer Cities for Girls Programme. The overall objective of the Safer Cities for Girls programme is to build accountable, inclusive and safe cities with and for adolescent girls, engaging girls in cities around the world to explore questions around gender inclusions, the right to the city and safe public spaces in cities for girls. The Safer Cities for Girls programme works across three levels of change: i) governments and institutions; ii) families and communities; and, iii) girls and boys themselves. The three overall outcomes of the programme are:  1) Increased girls’ safety and access to public spaces; 2) Increased girls’ active and meaningful participation in urban development and governance; and, 3) Increased autonomous mobility in the city.

The programme seeks to empower girls to claim their rights to actively work to transform their communities into safer, more inclusive places. In doing so, the programme focuses on making policies, laws and programming more inclusive and receptive to adolescent girls’ safety, and increasing the capacity and willingness of local authorities, ministries, and law enforcement to promote girls’ safety. Additionally, Plan is working with girl to increase their capacity to understand their rights and safety in the cities, promoting the participation of girls in local governance and girl-led/girl-inclusive initiatives, and also working with communities and families to help them promote girls’ safety and inclusion in cities.

The purpose of the external evaluation is to inform decision-making on the progress and achievements of the intervention in its specific urban contexts and to develop recommendations for changes, if necessary, resulting in programme improvement. For Plan International and partner organisation staff, it is crucial to know whether the policies and practices are successful or should be revised based on an understanding of the underlying reasons. Data collection will take place in four of the programme cities including Cairo, Delhi, Kampala, Hanoi.

  • Client: Plan Germany
  • Date: February, 2017
  • Services: Performance Monitoring & Evaluation, Research & Technical Advisory