Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW)

ISG was selected to perform an evaluation of IRW’s PPA. These funds have been, or are being used, for delivering two distinct strategic priorities:

  1. To finance innovation and capacity building via an Islamic Microfinance programme in Kenya, Sudan, Bangladesh and Pakistan.
  2. To fund capacity building, research, learning and advocacy leading to the development of faith sensitive policy and influencing other developments actors in five core thematic areas – gender justice, child protection, conflict and fragility, climate change, and microfinance/debt.

In addition, PPA funds were also intended to enhance organizational effectiveness through the mainstreaming of tools and approaches related to the above thematic areas, including embedding of the following PPA working principles: accountability, gender, value for money, improving evidence of economic empowerment tools, and policy and advocacy work.

  • Client: Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW)
  • Date: February, 2016
  • Services: Monitoring and Evaluation