United Nations Operations (UNOPS)

UNOPS selected ISG to provide liaison, monitoring and evaluation services to the Conflict Analysis Grant Fund in Disputed International Boundaries (DIB) area governorates specifically in Kirkurk, Ninewa, and Diyala. The Conflict Analysis Grant Fund was created to enhance the role of civil society in identifying the sources of conflict and dynamics, the actors and existing challenges and plan for conflict transformation and peacebuilding on a community level in the DIB areas through grants to selected NGOs.

The services provided by ISG included acting as liaison between UNOPS and selected NGOs to ensure proper coordination and communication on implementation of proposed activities within the Conflict Analysis Grant Fund; keeping abreast of all Conflict Analysis Grant Fund civil society initiatives in the field of peacebuilding/conflict resolution/civic education in the three governorates; attend civil society events and report to UNOPS IQOC; providing updates to the UNOPS NGO database; evaluating impact of activities implemented in the framework of Conflict Analysis Grant Fund projects; facilitating networking of UNOPS international staff with Iraqi officials; and supporting the dissemination of information and promotional materials.

  • Client: United Nations Operations
  • Date: January, 2011
  • Services: Monitoring & Evaluation
  • URL: http://www.unops.org