International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX)

ISG was selected by IREX to perform a mid-term & final evaluation of the Media and Civil Society for Transparent Governance (MCSTG) Program and a final evaluation of the Media and Technology Community Development (MTCD) Program.

IREX’s Media and Technology for Community Development (MTCD) in Iraq program built upon IREX’s ongoing DRL-funded activities to develop the media sector through the Support for Independent Media in Iraq (SIMI) program and strengthened local participatory governance in Iraq via Building Bridges through Technology (BBTT). IREX’s implementation plan supported the US Democracy Strategy goal: Iraqi citizens, civil society and democratic institutions work cooperatively to reduce violence and build a sustainable, accountable and responsive system of governance. The MTCD program aimed to foster an environment for and development of Iraq’s civil society and media to operate independently, freely, and effectively.

  • Client: International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX)
  • Date: March, 2012
  • Services: Monitoring & Evaluation
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