ChildFund International

ISG was recently selected by ChildFund International to carry out an impact evaluation of its disaster risk reduction (DRR) early childhood development (ECD) Project in Indonesia.

Between July 2013 and December 2014, ChildFund Indonesia, together with their local partner, Sumba Integrated Development, piloted a DRR project in eight ECD centers in two districts in the Nusa Tenggara Timur Province of Indonesia. This project worked on ensuring that children 3-6 years of age in the targeted communities were less vulnerable during disasters and aimed to explore how DRR is best integrated into ECD programming. In doing so, ChildFund rehabilitated the eight ECD centers and worked with parents/tutors to teach them how to handle emergencies and disasters, and how to work with their children at home as well as in the ECD center in case a disaster strikes.

In undertaking this impact evaluation, ISG will seek to demonstrate attribution of results to the model that was implemented to show how the results were “caused by” the model, net of other factors that could have also influenced the results, through a “with” versus “without” comparison.




  • Client: ChildFund International
  • Date: June, 2015