ISG has been selected to undertake a final evaluation of the Sierra Leone Sustainable Nutrition and Agriculture Promotion Project (SNAP), a USAID Food for Peace funded program implemented by ACDI/VOCA, IMC and OICI. The overarching goal of the SNAP project is to reduce food insecurity and increase resilience among the most food insecure and vulnerable rural populations in targeted communities in 18 chiefdoms across 4 districts. To achieve the project goal, the SNAP MYAP is organized in two strategic objectives: first, to reduce chronic malnutrition among children under five, while the second objective aims to enhance agriculture and livelihoods among women and youth in the project communities.

The purpose of the evaluation is to assess the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of the project, and provide an assessment of the results achieved, reasons for levels of achievement or non-achievements, and less learned from the SNAP project. The evaluation will assess both the intended and un-intended outcomes of the project, and will document the performance results of the project, and share learning and challenges.

ISG will be conducting a qualitative evaluation analyzing change in awareness, perception, knowledge, and behavior of target beneficiaries. A series of focus groups, collection of Most Significant Change Stories, and key informant interviews will be conducted to gather information on respondents’ attitudes and practice s related to agriculture, market, health, nutrition and gender, and will incorporate data from the SNAP final quantitative end-line survey

  • Client: ADCI/VOCA
  • Date: September, 2016
  • Services: Monitoring & Evaluation