ISG is working with ActionAid to undertake a Baseline for ‘Women’s Rights to Sustainable Livelihoods 2’ program in four countries.

The objective of the assignment is to design and undertake a multi-country research process to collect qualitative and quantitative data on attitudes, knowledge and behaviors related to women’s empowerment, unpaid care and sustainable agriculture in Ghana, Rwanda, Bangladesh and Pakistan. This includes women’s ability to control their income, through practicing climate resilient sustainable agriculture, better access to markets and reducing, recognizing and redistributing work related to unpaid care.

The baseline will be carried out in all four countries, collecting data relevant for indicators and to provide further situational analysis where necessary. Baseline data will be collected through a household survey (in line with the Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index – WEAI) as well as qualitative research. Baseline data will be consolidated at the global level to support project policy and advocacy work, while country level data and WEAI measures will be captured to enable the impact assessment at the end of the project.

Working with local data collectors in each country, the ISG Project Team will lead the tool development process, as well as produce an overall synthesis report summarizing findings from the four countries, and develop a M&E plan for the program moving forward.

  • Client: ActionAid
  • Date: August, 2016
  • Services: Monitoring & Evaluation