Our Services

International Solutions Group (ISG) provides expert technical services that improve the program and organizational performance of humanitarian aid and international development actors. Since 2005, our services have focused on helping the projects and programs of our clients to realize improved impact, relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability. We accomplish this through:

Performance, Monitoring & Evaluation

ISG enhances program performance through a customized, participatory process. ISG’s approach measures program impact, relevance, efficiency, and sustainability – before, during and after-implementation – and highlights lessons to be learned, challenges and successes. This results in recommendations, formulated in partnership with stakeholders, for improving processes, structures and strategies.

Research & Technical Advisory

ISG undertakes large-scale research projects, which inform future programming, policies and strategies. Our technical subject matter experts ensure tools, frameworks and indicators are rooted in international best practices.

Enabling Technologies & Data Science Advisory

ISG leverages technology to ensure the effective and efficient delivery of programs. ISG advises on the development of IT systems and infrastructure that supports programing – from simple, single-user applications to mission-critical enterprise information management systems. ISG’s data science professionals and research experts ensure the tools, frameworks, and indicators we contribute to are rigorous, pertinent, and methodologically sound.

Capacity Building & Organizational Development

ISG delivers a spectrum of capacity building activities – from face to face training to virtual reality simulations – that develop relevant skills and foster leadership and critical thinking. Our experts also assist in developing organizational structures that support sustainable, locally driven outcomes.

Our Network

We truly believe that it is important to go beyond delivering “good enough” to ensure that we always show up with “wow.” Not only is this the best move for our clients, it is the best way to serve those in need. To achieve this, we ensure that absolute top notch experts are a part of every assignment.

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Our Experience

ISG has served numerous humanitarian aid and development actors since 2005. We have successfully delivered solutions for:

ISG Client Montage 2013

Our focus on program and organizational performance has been recognized as groundbreaking and innovative. In 2013, we were accepted as the first private-sector full member of the Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance in Humanitarian Action (ALNAP), recognized as a worldwide standard-setting organization for performance evaluation in development and humanitarian aid.

Our History

ISG was founded in 2005 as a professional services company serving the humanitarian aid and international development community. Initially focused on helping improve the performance of organizations and programs in the Middle East and North Africa, ISG has grown its portfolio of experience across the globe.

Our main office is in Washington, DC, but we also have staff based in Europe, Africa and Asia. Our services are delivered by teams of technical experts from almost every walk of life and culture.