M&E and ICT are acronyms that, even separately, can be daunting subjects to get right at any organization. Add them together and the average development worker is probably looking for a way to avoid a conversation on the topic. Nevertheless, with the proliferation of modern smartphones and handheld computing, web-based systems have taken off in recent years. We’re now past the point of talking about technology as if it’s an optional extra for our organizations and projects.

That said, the modern generation of web-based M&E systems are like any piece of technology, they require investment of time, money and brainpower to get them up – and keep them – running. So this is the question that many people in many development organizations are asking themselves. Can these systems do what you want them to do? More importantly, are you ready to invest in one of these systems? Answer the questions, be honest with yourself and at the end we’ll attempt to provide you some solid guidance regarding where you are on the “M&E Spectrum” and if taking on a sophisticated software-based solution is what you need to address your M&E needs.

Once you’ve wrapped up the readiness assessment we will get back in touch with you to provide you with your results (or, as appropriate, incorporate the findings into a proposal).