April 4, 2017

International Solutions Group (ISG) and DevResults have formed an exclusive partnership to support the United Nations (UN) system in designing and implementing data management systems. Using the DevResults platform, the partnership will provide the UN with essential infrastructure for measurement and achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The partnership provides UN organizations with both software that addresses growing data analysis needs, as well as consulting services to ensure the software is tailored to the UN’s unique role in humanitarian and development settings. ISG’s exclusive role providing consulting services to the UN system is based on their breadth of experience implementing DevResults and familiarity with the UN.

As part of the announced partnership, ISG and DevResults have crafted a turnkey solution that provides UN agencies with a setup toolkit that allows for streamlined adoption of the platform. This includes a selection of bespoke diagnostic mechanisms, setup/configuration support, software integrations, and ongoing services to enable successful adoption of the platform.

ISG has been helping UN organizations, governments, NGOs, and companies improve their social impact since 2005. ISG was among the first partners to work with the DevResults system and brings a depth of technical expertise and extensive history working within the UN system. Talking about the partnership, Mike Klein, director of ISG, stated, “ISG and DevResults share a focus on ensuring organizations are able to translate data into analysis and are able to illustrate the tangible impacts development and aid programs achieve around the world.”

DevResults is a technology company that provides enterprise data management software. They not only equip organizations with quality technology but are also at the center of global data efforts like the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). In reference to the partnership with ISG, DevResults Director Josh Mandell said, “We’re seeing organizations make big investments in their M&E IT. In our experience, the organizations that succeed are the ones that also make change management a priority and invest accordingly. Pairing DevResults with ISG will ensure a comprehensive solution that will put our UN clients in the best position possible to succeed.”

A live demo of the DevResults solution, accompanied by a Q&A panel session addressing the partnership, will be hosted at the DevResults office in Washington DC on 9 May 2017. Interested parties wishing to obtain information on the event, or to attend the session in person, should contact or

For United Nations organizations interested in learning more about the partnership, please contact us using the below form.