You might be wondering why we’ve chosen to use publicly available images on our site. The answer is simple: the vast majority of the work ISG does is focused on helping improve the performance of humanitarian aid and development programming. It order to do this most effectively, our work – and the people we work with – require a level of confidentiality that includes insuring non-attribution of comments, statements, interview responses and more. To ensure we always honor this aspect of our work, we have taken the decision that non-attribution should also include images of the projects we work on.

However, we all know a picture is worth 1000 words. Thus, as an alternative, we have chosen to feature the work of others on our site; using images that are related to the projects we work on and the clients we work with. This page is designed to ensure those individuals receive proper credit for their work. Happily, in a few cases, we’ve also included original work from our staff.

To the best of our knowledge, all the images we’ve used are publicly available and have a Creative Commons license that allow us to use it. If for any reason, you think there is an image that does not fit this criteria, please contact us here and we’ll make any necessary correction.

The following images are used throughout this site: