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How Good Is Your Data?

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Our Practice

ISG helps improve the performance of humanitarian aid and development programming through:

Performance, Monitoring & Evaluation
ISG enhances program performance through a customized, participatory process. ISG’s approach measures program impact, relevance, efficiency, and sustainability – before, during and after-implementation – and highlights lessons to be learned, challenges and successes. This results in recommendations, formulated in partnership with stakeholders, for improving processes, structures and strategies.
Enabling Technologies & Data Science Advisory
ISG leverages technology to ensure the effective and efficient delivery of programs. ISG advises on the development of IT systems and infrastructure that supports programing – from simple, single-user applications to mission-critical enterprise information management systems. ISG’s data science professionals and research experts ensure the tools, frameworks, and indicators we contribute to are rigorous, pertinent, and methodologically sound.
Research & Technical Advisory
ISG undertakes large-scale research projects, which inform future programming, policies and strategies. Our technical subject matter experts ensure tools, frameworks and indicators are rooted in international best practices.
Building Capacity & Organizational Development
ISG delivers a spectrum of capacity building activities – from face to face training to virtual reality simulations – that develop relevant skills and foster leadership and critical thinking. Our experts also assist in developing organizational structures that support sustainable, locally driven outcomes.

Our Work

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